Main Features

Recruit Organization

GreekRow provides a centralized database of all recruits where brothers can search, sort, and filter through the masses to easily find specific recruits. This feature empowers each member to stay closely involved in the recruitment process, creating a culture where the chapter as a whole drives recruitment.

Chapter Coordination

Recruitment chairmen and other officers can easily communicate messages and organize all brothers of the chapter through the entire recruitment process and beyond. GreekRow’s communication tools can serve as a one-stop shop to align the efforts of the entire chapter.

Mass Communication

GreekRow has many communication tools – posting to social walls, sending messages to all brothers/recruits, pushing notifications to members’ phones, and storing all recruit contact information in one place, allowing brothers to easily text, call, and email recruits.

Strategic Marketing

The public image of your chapter is one of the most important aspects of recruitment. Our platform provides your chapter with a public web page to share chapter information to visitors and prospective recruits on many mediums, such as social media and chapter websites.

Analytical Assessment

GreekRow is able to provide powerful data that enables you to assess your chapter’s recruitment performance, and analyze your improvement year over year. Having access and being able to save this data over time provides unique insights to evaluate and direct your initiatives.

Personalized Accounts

Each brother’s GreekRow account is personalized to allow them to interact directly with the platform and allow their voice to be heard. They can access the platform through our website or mobile apps – anytime, anywhere.


GreekRow enables chapters to execute more successful recruitment through the use of organizational, operational, and communication tools. Our platform empowers chapters to focus on what really matters – the future of your organization!

Accounts For Every Member
Becuse everyone has a voice.
Be apart of your organizations.
Social Feed
Share posts with your community.
Know what is going on at all times.

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This past fall, we used GreekRow to evaluate, organize, and select our new pledge class. GreekRow has solved the complexity of the rush process and provided our chapter with a platform that allowed all 150+ members to participate in the entire process.
Jon Simonett

President, IU Kappa Sigma

GreekRow was the single, biggest advancement our chapter has experienced with rush in my time here at Sigma Chi. It allowed us to have our best rush ever, going 38/39 on bid acceptances and I attribute a large part of the success to GreekRow!

Jake Davis
Recruitment Chairman
Purdue Sigma Chi

In the time I’ve been in this chapter, GreekRow has been the best logistical tool added to our recruitment process. The ability to quickly sift through recruits with ease saved our recruitment chairmen countless hours. GreekRow is a tool that proved to be invaluable here at Michigan.

Jackson Dumas
Recruitment Chairmen
Michigan Sigma Chi

GreekRow’s ability to handle all our organizational needs while simultaneously supporting internal communication of brothers is unmatched. The technology GreekRow provides has made a lasting impact on the Beta Lamda chapter and is definitely here to stay.

Connor Lewis
Chapter Member
University of Tampa Pi Kappa Phi

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